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Our Privacy Policy

We are committed to ensuring your privacy in compliance with HIPAA guidelines. We will make every effort to maintain confidentiality of your medical information.

How We Started

Jim became interested in manual therapy while completing his degree at Central Michigan University. He was accepted into a 2-year manual therapy residency program where he received hands on training under Bjorn Svendsen, one of the fore-fathers of manual therapy. Jim passed his residency exam, becoming OMPT certified and worked in Gratiot County for 7 years before starting his own private practice in 2004.

What To Expect

Physical therapy treatment begins with an initial evaluation on your first visit. This takes approximately one hour and the therapist will take measurements and perform special tests to assess your current status. He/she will also obtain information about your past medical history as well as your current injury and physical status. Current levels of function and pain will also be assessed and you will receive treatment on the day of your first exam. Follow-up visits will typically be shorter in length and will include manual therapy techniques and often therapeutic exercises. Testing and measurements will be redone periodically to reevaluate your response to treatment and to help inform your physician about your progress.

Happy Customers

We want all of our patients to be satisfied with their care. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that best suits your goals and lifestyle. Therapy techniques can range from gentle to more aggressive and we value your input throughout your treatment to make sure you are happy with your care and outcomes.

Why Us?

Our manual therapists focus on treating the cause of your problems unlike traditional physical therapy that focuses on treating symptoms. This can lead to improved outcomes and long-lasting effects. We pride ourselves on our good reputation, repeat customers and consistent physician and word-of-mouth patient referrals to our facility. We strongly feel that physical therapy can help people with pain and physical dysfunction. We are committed to helping you in your quest for better health and appreciate the trust you put in us.

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